A Message from UNA HQ on LGBTI Employees at the United Nations


As of this past Monday, a United Nations staff member working in New York whose native country lacks marriage equality—and who cannot simply marry their same-sex partner at city hall—faces the potential for family separation. Even worse, this person’s partner may return to their home country only to face violence and persecution because of who they love.

Unfortunately, this is only one of many devastating scenarios that could play out for same-sex couples and LGBTI employees serving the UN system. On October 1, the United States officially altered its visa policy requiring diplomatic staff in same-sex relationships to show proof of marriage for their partners to reside in the United States. The big problem here: Less than 30 countries in the world recognize marriage equality. 

It’s difficult to fathom how the U.S. could adopt such a flawed policy. That’s where you come in: Send a tweet to Secretary Pompeo right now, reminding him that Americans stand up for universal human rights—especially when they are being threatened on our very own soil.



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